Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little S {8 months}

I look forward to taking little S's pictures every month! I have been taking his photo's since he was a newborn and every month I look forward to seeing how much he has grown! These past 8 months have just flown by, he is now crawling around and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, we caught him trying to eat a leaf or two=) He did not want to sit still , he just wanted to play and was smiling so... much! It was lots of fun spending the morning with him and his mom! I will be taking their family photo's early next month, can't wait! They are truly an amazing family! One of baby S's older brothers is in the same 2nd grade class as my daughter=)


  1. Wow Colleen you have been busy..these are beautiful! That little pumpking costume is adorable..and I love the photos of him in the red wagon, beautiful color and details in all of these!

  2. Thanks Teresa! I have been super busy, I am loving it though=)