Sunday, January 23, 2011

my kids

Today we finally had some sunshine and it felt so good, almost felt like spring out!!!=) It's amazing how the sun makes you so happy, all three of my kids were in the best mood today so I decided to take advantage of it and the sunshine and took lots of pictures, they rarely let me take their photos anymore so I was super happy that they were all for going outside and having a photo session=) A friend of mine that lives just right down the road has been making me the cutest hats and made Kailyn two dresses so ofcourse I had to have her model it=) Their Grandma knitted them a bunch of stuff for Christmas so Natalie is wearing the sweater she made for her and I took pictures of Alex because he turned 9 yesterday, Happy Birthday to my Alex=)


  1. Oh, I am so happy you are getting sunshine, we are too and it really does make everyone happy! Those are all beautiful images, I can't believe that your neighbor made those dresses and that Natalie's sweater is hand-knitted, that's impressive! I really love the image of Kailyn looking up and the birthday boy with that beautiful light!

  2. Thanks Teresa! The sunshine only lasted one day, we are back to gloomy skies so I am so glad I got out there and took these!! I am loving all the hand made stuff that the kids have been getting lately, I would love to someday learn how to knit! Hope you are having a great week!!!!=)