Thursday, October 21, 2010

Country Wedding

What a perfectly gorgeous day it was for this couple's wedding, they could't have asked for more better weather!!!
I have only photographed one other wedding so I was a bit nervous saying yes to photographing their special day, but when they said that there were only going to be 12 people attending it was a little less scary to me. I have a big wedding that I agreed to do this summer so I am really glad that I did say yes, I need all the practice I can get! Even with only 12 people attending there was so much to remember and so many little details that I did not want to forget. I had never met the bride or the groom but the second that I met them and the family they were full of smiles and jokes. They made me feel at ease and made me laugh the whole time! They were such a wonderful family and I could see right away that the bride and groom were so perfect for one another! They are having another wedding in the Bahamas, I wish I could photograph that one as well!=) Thank you so very much for letting me capture your special day, it was a blast!


  1. did such a beautiful job Colleen! You captured so many details and I love all of the fun poses and moments of the bride and groom! Looks like a beautiful wedding...awesome images!!

  2. Thank you Teresa!!! I was nervous with the way they would turn out since the wedding was at 12 and it was such a BRIGHT day out! This was a very simple wedding but they are going to be getting married again in February in the Bahamas, I wish I could photograph that one!!=)